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—Randall Jarrell, Poetry, March 1950

Jen Bingham at The Rumpus suggests that you “read the whole poem. Read it through twice and cry really hard.” 

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Disney heroines & their voice actresses (singing voices & animal protagonists not included)

It’s actually quite amazing how some look like the lady they were portraying.

That is so neat to see.

I just…really…REALLY love kathryne beaumont. I count alice as one of the princesses because…just because. 

And elle is one of my favorite princesses too. 

fuck it, I love all these women/princesses. 

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Bette Davis on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, 1983.

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“I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”

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Rowland S. Howard and his (twin!?) sister Angela. Beauties,


Rowland S. Howard and his (twin!?) sister Angela. Beauties,

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This is an absolute NEED.

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Teenage Girl Blossoming Into Beautiful Object: Full Story


“Ashley has really developed into quite a striking assemblage of physical attributes that are found to be sexually attractive in our culture,” said Parker’s uncle Keith Hayes, expressing astonishment at how his niece had steadily matured from a precocious youth into a shapely, ravishing thing devoid of intellect and personality. “It’s hard to believe that she used to be that little girl [capable of subjective experiences] that I remember. Now look at her—she’s such a lovely vessel for displaced sexual frustration and voyeuristic lust, just like her mother.”

“Seems like just yesterday she was this creative 7-year-old kid, pretending her Barbie was the first woman president,” Hayes added. “My, they grow into little more than consumer goods so quickly.”

Marveling at the rite of passage that all females make from girlhood into entirely disempowered objecthood, Hayes expressed confidence that the 17-year-old would one day become a highly prized physical possession for “one lucky guy.”

The Onion’s feeling sassy today

DAMN….. The Onion is on point….

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The Times of India is running 1/4 page ads on why men should respect women.